Business Recovery

Why walk away from a failing business when it could be saved?

"We're being threatened by court action. I can't see a way out"
"My business is on the slide. Creditors are threatening bankruptcy"

The reasons for financial problems in a business are varied. Difficulties can arise because of fluctuations in the market place, the loss of a major contract, or failure to win a crucial order.

The combination of a dip in trading and a gap in cash flow may be enough to cause pressure or even crisis. Whatever the reason, financial distress erodes confidence in the business. It is essential to move swiftly and decisively to implement corrective measures – the sooner specialist advice is sought the more likely a recovery can be made.

If dealt with promptly and intelligently, at the early stages of the decline curve, it's possible to maximise recovery opportunities. But neglected or misdiagnosed it could eventually lead to insolvency and failure.

Recognising the problem and taking expert advice as early as possible may allow a turnaround or recovery plan to be formulated and successfully implemented. The Marriotts business recovery and insolvency team has considerable expertise working with businesses of all sizes, in all sectors, and can demonstrate an impressive track record in reviewing and restructuring businesses.

For any organisation, surviving financial difficulty is a careful step-by-step process best negotiated with the help of our specialist team. Even where it looks as if all is lost, there's still a need for care and attention to preserve as much value as possible, to minimise trauma and to mitigate any negative impact on stakeholders.

Marriott’s experienced multi-disciplinary professionals administer such situations with practiced understanding and technical skill. Our expertise, experience and diplomacy are all key to helping organisations negotiate sensitive and difficult situations, advising on action that will prevent further problems.

We deal with all manner of turnaround situations and we've seen plenty of companies on the brink of dire circumstances which are now bigger and healthier than ever before. A situation can change dramatically given the determination to take the necessary measures. To that determination we add the experience and expertise to identify precisely what those measures should be.

However, in circumstances where a company has reached the stage where a formal insolvency procedure is required, the priority is maintaining the interests of the company and thereby its creditors. The optimum route is almost always to keep the company's business operating, thus generating income for creditors and assisting the sale of the business as a going concern.