Mortgages and Pensions


These days with so many companies offering mortgages choosing the right one for you can be a nightmare.

Marriotts have teamed up with Mortgage Monitor which was created to provide a fair, reasonable and independent mortgage selection service. It provides solutions to every day problems. using expertise and experience of over 40 years dealing with financial issues.

Mortgage Monitor are regulated by the FSA and manage to speak plain English. With their Equity Release Services, they have assisted many British families in purchasing their dream property overseas.

They specialise in monitoring existing members mortgages by referring to over 140 lenders promoting in excess of 4000 deals. What's more Mortgage Monitor have specialist brokers with sub prime backgrounds who advise individuals with credit problems.



There are various forms of pension schemes and different schemes have different requirements. Occupational schemes are governed by The Occupational Pensions Regulatory Authority (OPRA), and they have laid down the rules that such schemes must adhere to and the form the annual reports must take. The annual report must include a trustees report, actuarial statement and auditors report, and must be made available to members within seven months following the scheme year end.

OPRA has wide ranging powers including the suspension, disqualification or removal of trustees, the issuing of penalties and where necessary order the winding up of schemes.

We can provide the client with an efficient audit service to ensure compliance with the Pension Scheme Act and OPRA and ensure recommended accounting practice is adhered to.

As part of the audit we can undertake the completion of the pension schemes tax return and deal with the Inland Revenue on behalf of the trustees.

Should the scheme qualify as a small self administered pension scheme then it may be exempt from the requirement to have an audit in which case we can still assist with the preparation of the annual accounts.