Starting a new business and becoming your own boss is exciting. However, around 43% of new businesses fail in the first 12 months and only 20% survive more than two years.

Many small businesses in their early years suffer from poor advice. Too many people fail because they do not fully understand what is required for day to day running of a business. Others do not plan for adequate cash to cover them during the time the sales and, more importantly, the sales income start to come in.

Good accounting and financial control are important for managing a business and preparing the tax computations. These days, however, modern businesses need marketing, IT, legal and other commercial skills that large companies tend to have on tap. Marriotts Associates has all these skills in-house offering start-ups and SMEs a one stop shop.

The banks and government agencies offer good advice to small businesses. However, they are not ‘hands-on’. By accessing our integrated range of in-house services, Marriotts can make a huge difference to the success of your business.

The upfront costs of a new business can be crippling. The Marriotts Easy Setup Plan allows you to spread the professional business start up fees allowing you more cash in the early days. We agree a budget to cover all formation, legal and business launch costs. We help you undertake all the work. To ease cash flow, you can then pay a monthly standing order.



If you the other hand you are looking for an investment into an idea or product, then please see out investment page here, this will give you more information on how you can seek investment from Marriotts Investments. Also you will be able to get information about what you need to do to prepare for an investment meeting.